Pedesis (6 Pianos)

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Commissioned by Trinity Laban Collaboration Laboratory

Composed by Amos Chia

Performed by the Trinity Laban Piano Circus One and the composer

Pedesis (greek for ‘leaping’)  is originally written for 4 or more different instruments, and has been rearranged for 6 pianos as part of Trinity College of Music’s Collaboration Laboratory 2012. Performed by Trinity Laban Piano Circus One and directed by the composer (also one of the pianists).

The original Pedesis, for four or more different instruments explore serialism, pointillism and klangfarbenmelodie, or ‘sound colour melody’. Each player receives a set of 144 notes, devised from different spiral movements within a serial matrix. Every single note is played with a different timbre as compared to the preceding note, and the players can also choose to play notes in a repeated pattern, ostinato, trill or in syncopation. The tempo is constant throughout. Players can also choose not to perform some notes and produce silence during the performance.

Recorded and premiered at King Charles Court.