Study study study

I’ve been really busy with stuff like college administration, apartment-hunting, moving, and studying both conducting and Russian. It’s my second week in St. Petersburg and my first official week of the academic year, and my (amazing) professor, maestro Leonid Korchmar, has given me Beethoven Symphony N.4, Mozart Symphony N.41 Jupiter, and Weber Overture to Oberon to study. There’s so many things on my agenda but I am actually having fun! I’ve had two lessons since my official week and I’ve done Beethoven Symphony N.4. Somehow, prof. Korchmar wants it memorized and have me run through the music during the next lesson (while filming it down), and proceed with Mozart. My lesson plan is totally different from my fellow conductor’s- He had to study Beethoven Symphony 1 before proceeding with Symphony N.2. Sometimes I wished I could do a cycle of symphonies instead of skipping pieces…but this is also really not that bad and it’s pretty amazing to cover pieces by different composers!

I’m off to my daily Russian class, and thank god I live 3 minutes away from the college (as opposed to the college dormitories- more about that later!). In the meantime, check this website out!

Conductorland (click to view)