Amos CHIYA (MMus DM, LGSMD, Dip hc, PGC) is currently a Research Fellow in (Socio-cultural) Sustainability Science and PhD candidate in Creative Geography, Sociology, and Music Performance at Hiroshima University in Japan. Born in Singapore, he studied music in London before dropping out of college to focus on his professional career. Chiya subsequently completed his postgraduate degrees at the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory of Music in Russia, and read environmental law with Koh Kheng Lian, emeritus professor of the National University of Singapore. In 2021 he was named Representative for Music and Culture at the International Council of Environmental Law, where his field involved the cultural intervention in the implementation of environmental law and governance.

In 2022 Chiya became the first music performing artist to awarded the Hiroshima University Research Fellowship in the field of sustainability science for a three-year tenure, the Graduate School Leader Education Program Award, as well as the university and Higashihiroshima city council’s SDGs Ideas Mining for Specialists Award. Since 2022 he has been giving lectures and workshops in cultural sustainability in Japan, as well as China, South Korea, and Singapore.