Hello there, I’m Chiya!

Using my unique skills as a world-class conductor, composer, and pianist,

I help you create a more communicative and alive interpretation of your performance,

and at the same time engage, stimulate, and inspire your audience.

Are you a young or budding pianist, composer, or conductor? Are you preparing for an exam or a recital?

Work with me and enjoy the music-making process.

If you face any problems in music performance (stage fright, muscular tension, etc), I can help with that.

I can help you in using your strengths to produce an engaging, stimulating, and inspiring performance.

In other words, I can help you find courage and direction to make your interpretation a 100% expression of your talents and personality.

I can help you to create a performance with more ease, more meaning, more impact, and more YOU.

Are you a musician looking to improve your performance?
Work with me as your personal music consultant today!
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