Work with me as your personal music consultant today!

The only personal music consultant in the world with a unique combination of skills to help you achieve your goal, which include

  • an overwhelming musicality and artistic vision and

  • superior group dynamic and psychology as a world-class opera and ballet conductor

  • an exceptional problem solving ability as the Artistic Director and Founder of SENTIRE, bringing the arts to the hearing and visually-impaired

  • superb analytical ability as a composer trained at one of the top conservatoires in London

  • excellent keyboard skills as a pianist trained at one of the top conservatoires in London and St. Petersburg, Russia

  • a unique system built on the Alexander Technique (UK) and Musin Technique (Russia) to help musicians perform with less stress and injury

  • more than 10 years of experience working with students across 4 continents, and of all ages and levels (from pre-school to university)

  • graduate and advanced degrees from the top conservatoires in London and Russia, prize winner of more than 8 international competitions, honorary fellowships and diplomas of several societies and exam boards. 

During each masterclass, I will

  • Work on your unique strengths and weaknesses

  • Help you with any problems faced in performance to transform you into a more engaging and inspiring performer (anxiety, stage-fright, etc)

  • Enable you to utilize your body in a more efficient manner during performance (using the Alexander Technique (UK) and the Musin Technique (Russian))

  • Prepare you for any examinations*** and/or competitions

  • Explore the different directions in interpretation to make it a 100% expression of YOU 

  • Give you access to a music library of more than 1000 recordings, scores, learning materials, and a network of professional musicians worldwide

  • Provide a messaging service  where you reach me for any immediate help and/or advice, anywhere, anytime!

  • Be your personal music life coach!


*Min. 6 months

**Or 60-min bi-monthly

***Entrance examinations/ABRSM/Trinity College London/GCE’O’/’A’Levels